Renovation contract should pay attention to what issues?
One contract is effective protection of home decoration, the contract includes a work schedule and a construction manual, be sure to make all to-do items one by one, discussed with the contractor, clear construction and scope of work, never ambiguous, resulting in additional costs after the contractor has an excuse or blame.


these construction manuals, work schedules and budget best can have three Vice-draft, a report to the contractor, a keep, and keep separate from another, so as not to lose without it.


instructions to attach a name space, decoration in construction projects and samples of materials or label, number, color, size, and even how wall plaster or paint the all clear, in case workers did not plan or delay the progress of the construction, according to require the contractor to redo or improved.  


of payment and time to write clearly in the contract, the warranty period for at least 3 months, and construction quality accident-free, only pay the last money (about 20% of sin). But regardless of the payment method, remember the final amount must be in all the work is done in full compliance with the requirements, and completed within the guarantee period, until paid in full.

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