Teach you and decoration companies in negotiating tips
Before a formal contract, negotiate content is more complex, and must not be closed at this time, but try to be exhaustive.


first of all, what they clearly want to decorate homes styles: family lived in the House, should first solicit the views of every Member of the family, if there was a difference to make a unified, saving us "on their own", affecting the overall design effect.


on this basis, and decoration material for preparing a preliminary positioning, negotiation in order to "know", the best building materials market look at the floor, tiles, paint, bathroom facilities, and other primary materials prices, make own opinion. Do both of these points, you can "follow" and decorating company.  


in the negotiation process, customers can give their demands, including the above style of decoration, and decoration costs affordable, and communicate with designers, designers from the details to certain requirements, such as personal preference color, such as security arrangements, each room features. Field measurement of housing decoration company, measured after the utility area, draws a flat sketch. Designers explain design ideas and communicate with customers, in the case of no doubt, design is finalized. Finally, the book décor issued project budget, this is the most important part of the decorating process, its brand of decoration materials, regulates, specifications, price, etc.


total budget equal to the cost of materials (material unit price multiplied by the housing area), the sum of the rate of deterioration of materials and labor costs. Only on the budget books were verified before they can be finalized.

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