Those matters to the kitchen when aluminum buckle ceiling
Don't screw the exhaust fan directly installed on   aluminum buckle   on. Because hanging out   aluminum buckle   yihou, confined spaces at the top of form a resonant cavity, no matter how good the fans mute effect that owners will find "buzzing" sound was extended many times. After you learn the lesson, my toilet installed in   Yuba   Shi, I bought four expansion screws from the top of the coagulation of the steel wire (at first I use wire, but wire plastic bad) is fixed, now looks good, there are discoveries and   aluminum buckle   resonance sound.


in addition, if fan hose more than 1 m long, it is best to put construction workers will be fixed. Otherwise, the fan starts exhaust pipe vibration, noise from larger. Process is very simple, you only need to use Scotch tape fixed to, do not underestimate the steps many noise problems can be solved.  


also, heard friends say that light-steel ceiling without distortion, but from my home renovation, I think such a view is not entirely correct. My kitchen ceiling is to find a professional factory-installed, they are using the 6 screws fixed three column   keel  , but screw columns and top surface is not normal at all. From a physics standpoint, loadbearing vertical not horizontal force of it brings about distortion. If I choose, I would prefer to   wood   keel  , or at least it is very dense, and the resonance of small, easy to install all kinds of lighting. Alas, the only decoration will know.

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