Secret coating market three tricks

business beating our chest that the quality will have absolutely no problems, only for product introduction, mention the after-sale service or "unnecessary"; or promised after-sales service, but there is a problem later, repeated delays in time finally came.


strategy tips:


brands the biggest difference between paint and kitchen paint service. Some of the more well-known brands of paint has a perfect service system, such as crocodile oil, Polaroid launched include free wall paint, free maintenance, such as "eight services system". In the case of economic conditions, consumers should try to choose brand names; asking manufacturers of after-sales service at the same time, depends on the agent's service system.  


trick 2


fake green products




merchant certification mark on the barrel says "this product is nontoxic, tasteless, pollution-free, green environmental protection product", "internationally certified" and so on.


strategy tips:


municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision said, since the ten mandatory standard after the introduction of the building materials industry, almost all the paint companies say their production of green products. In fact, the "GB" is different from "green" in accordance with the relevant provisions, issued by the China Certification Committee for environmental labelling products with "the ten rings" logo products can be referred to as "green" consumers don't listen to business gassing, see "the ten rings". Industry experts noted that the related properties to ensure that the paint and coatings "absolutely green" is impossible, can only be said to be of low toxicity.


deception 3


waste paint put on Ocean packaging




large blow products for businesses "foreign brands", but most consumers have never heard of this brand.


strategy tips:


waste paint put on Ocean packaging is "fake" typical manifestation of paint. Yu Jun, Director of the consumer complaints, noted that inferior paint stolen brand package filling, and waste paint imported from abroad (obsolete products), refill at home, put foreign brands were on sale. Consumer before the purchase decision, Internet background understanding of manufacturers. Better to buy a mature brand. In the case of uncertainty, than choose pure domestic brands.

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