Home improvement the four mistaken ideas lead you to spend more money to do things
Exquisite luxury, compact space

some people think decorating parts of more is better, the whole ceiling with   keel   lifting multilayer roof, all the walls are made of   wood   keel   wall panels, inlay satin velvet, already low lower room, in the room for a long time, will be very depressed.


families without design


many people think that home decorating is not like hotels, restaurants, restaurants, Office and entertainment, as long as simple decoration, "easy" on the line, without design. But it's not,  "well" is conducting a comprehensive review on using function, reasonable layout to achieve the "use" requirement. "Simple decoration" words just to save money, to control costs. This is all the more needed, comprehensive planning, proper selection and volume of "virtual" and "real" organic combination of holistic and prudently in order to reduce the cost.  


blindly, mindlessly pursuing fashion, pursuing high-end


some people decorate themselves fashionable and upscale, unrealistic comparisons with the upmarket decoration family, or blind imitation, copying, copying. Others home is what style, how layout, regardless of its connotation is what, on imitation do, not combined home of situation, not consider Humanities factors, not note taste, and personality, no considered of design, its results is or cookie a mode, found and Lee home of decoration no what different, only material price level of points; or on neither fish nor fowl, both not classical style, and not modern style, put hotel, and restaurant, and ballroom of luxury decoration moved to home, caused bedroom decoration alienation, formed diverse make do.


use color


some people think in the bedroom decoration, color doesn't matter, choose; some people think themselves like color appropriate to his bedroom décor. But no, color allocation is a science, knew the importance of color is not a color in itself, but rather with other color matching, coordination, integration and coexistence, cold and warm tone should be organic and subtly mix to achieve the effect of indoor environment. Consumer tastes and tastes, choose color not same, but comfortable, harmonious, long looks, evocative is the same. So well-designed, carefully chosen colors, in order to achieve overall coordination of decorative effects.

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