Several problems attention to renovation complaints increased by
With renovation season approaching, decoration quality caused by the disputes and complaints is also increasing. Consumers should pay attention to the following aspects of decoration traps.


1, is incredulous acquaintances described: such complaints accounted for around 10%. Decoration company owners feel the trust of opportunities and problems owners will take into account "acquaintances" face psychological, shashu. So, even acquaintances recommended, must and decoration company signed a formal procedure.


2, do not believe in false advertising: such complaints accounted for around 20%. Their complaints for one thing: decoration company ads blow zhentianxiang, but in the renovation process was misnamed. Consumers do not take "zero profit", "friendship decoration" Word.  


3, do not blindly believe that open house: decoration company showroom is at virtually no cost, often choose the best designs, using the best materials. However, customers simply decoration company with this selection, is also likely to Burn one's fingers.


4, don't be cheap offers select repair company: such a complaint was about 40%. Decoration company in the quote, set a lot of traps to consumers, such as Bill of materials and process intentionally concealed a lot must be items on the list, at a lower price with the owners signed a contract, such as by doing project after adding last far beyond the original quote.


5, avoid hasty signed a contract: decoration company's contract is the improved format of the contract, if the owners do not think it is difficult to find. If there is a typical example of formal contract for home improvement project, decorate every delayed day, 3% per cent of the total project cost will be deducted. Results of decoration companies in turning the project into a "default to pay party a 3%", the results each delay day decoration company, pay only 3 per cent of consumers money.

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