Home improvement design mistakes we keep in mind not to design
Currently there are many incorrect ideas and home design guide, led designers into errors. The views are some of the interior design profession. Experts also pointed out that there are three design defects exist widely in the field of home design.


common: popular, but not for "the family"


Home Designer to design the object class partition home design level, they often think that design is for rich "top" design in the "white collar", "luxurious", designers of high grade, whereas low. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Home improvement design as well as other art, is not a content decision level, but "performance" decision levels. Bao said the Secretary-General, home design should be used "in place" to measure. The so-called "place" is the designer for the occupational characteristics of the residents, interest, quality orientation, family status, habits and made only for "the family", rather than "another" programme this programme is a high level of "work".  


common II: focusing on local, but not integrated


some designers to focus on local home, but can not grasp the whole. That which one can also see, but overall and practicality are not satisfactory. Abalone Secretary-General believes that, in terms of design, "unity in diversity" on the principle of speaking, was speaking from the practical effects, home design should not fuss at home everywhere, "crowning" need to carefully build at the same time, overall feel of integrity is the best "article." "Local is good, overall hard" has been the artist and difficulties of home design, designers, please pay attention to the overall design.


common three: pay attention to the color properties, but do not pay attention to color relations


abalone Secretary-General, told reporters that recent visits, analysis of a number of home improvement products, found that some designers on the color design in home, concerned only with the properties for the color itself, without much attention to color contrast between the relationships, making home improvement the overall effect has some flaws. For example: finds the living room with the yellow color, is a warm friendly, but also that the study to be quiet, with blue, and so on, and didn't pay attention to the living room warm and cold color relations between the study, did not consider a full-service home improvement the overall tone, color sense. Therefore, home designers should improve the color sense.

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