Rampant counterfeit wares decorated shopping should beware
Trade mark counterfeiting real ones

now fakes everywhere, are labeled, but impossible.

mixed grade shoddy this buy wall tiles, floor tiles, stone, paint, sheet metal and other materials are often encountered. Ordinary consumers may not be knowledgeable, tend to draw out the products offer, buying a home is the second, third, or even defective.

-able to evade detection

unscrupulous enterprises of generic brands or sell products, using test reports and product manuals, as their trademark, vigorously promote does not test products, ware has long been an open secret in the industry.  

ignoring shoddy standards

some unscrupulous manufacturers that consumers don't understand building materials expertise, ignoring the relevant national standards for production, will harm the interests of consumers. For example, certain types of ceramic cylinder and plate thickness has clear rules, manufacturers produce products not thick enough, so can be sold openly in the market, the consumer after purchase, there will be problems in use.


this phenomenon has occurred largely in "foreign brands" and "foreign brands", some surf bath signs imported or joint venture, claiming that all the imported components, the key components such as electric systems are manufactured.

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