Bedroom wall color with white color tones like a home
When you get a new key, the walls in your room is mostly white, but white has not been processed, not the color we wanted, most people will think of them at this time color or labeled wallpaper.


of course, I'm not opposed to it, this absolute common sense, who can refute color can bring a warm feeling? And who can say that the color is not protruding Golden means?


However, I just want to say, I do not know whether you have shared: white walls can make the room look more like a home instead of a hotel.   Read this, you might ask, what in the bedroom with a white "fill color".  


good ideas for doing anything is important, de-clutter their homes and of course no exception. From ancient times to the present, aesthetician summarizes an unwritten rule, it's "colour using simple", meaning room or clothes or flower arrangements or, in short, to achieve the artistic effect and primary color domain should not exceed three.


of course, this does not mean that limits the colors in less than three, the color can be used many different, but two to three primary colors to.   So when the decorated room, select the primary color is important. Most people set the primary color for light colors, this is because the light color can bring a person to crisp, relaxed atmosphere, so that people at home do not feel nervous.


If you decide to use white as main colours, give you a piece of advice: do not use fluorescent white. Because such dazzling colors make you restless. White also many types, you can select a mix of white and light white color, tones for walls, it looks a little like   marble   white, but when when you light it, it is   marble   white more mysterious.

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