Decoration company, pay attention to the following five requirements
In many of the interior construction team, what according to your personality, hobbies, tastes and economic ability to make the right choice is a problem, the following provides some references for you.


(a) complete decorating company should have to meet the market demand for professional designers, advanced design of hardware and can provide customers with the room sketch, draw the basic standard drawings to reflect the owner's personality and characteristics.


(b) the décor issued by the company shall, according to the Shanghai decoration industry pricing standards to provide a higher transparency of the project budget form, of the project schedule, fees should be reasonable and competitive advantage in the market.  


(c) to observe and learn about the company's overall management level with a set of standard construction and construction quality management measures, progress of the quality management standards, procedures, corrective means and concealed work.


(d) carefully explore decorating company in its scale of operation in place provided material is genuine.


(e) by investigating the companies know the owner of the construction site on the company's assessment and advisory service, reserve series of construction documents for the customer after completion and acceptance, quality assurance system in the corresponding preventive measures.


in General, the large building materials stores and with professional interior design and construction team to match with the integration of companies, company owners should be preferred.

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