When buying flooring, don't let the dealer called the professional technical language fool you
When choosing a floor, consumers tend to pay particular attention to three technical parameters: wear-resistant rotation, water absorption, formaldehyde emissions. In order to attract the consumer's attention, many manufacturers in these data also played on a higher than a standard, of course, also inflate the price. So, these three criteria in determining how quality components in the floor?


wear revolution reflecting laminate flooring (hereinafter referred to as the floor), an important indicator of surface properties, initial value, end value and the average of three indicators, initial value, maximum value, according to regulations should mark an initial value. According to the EN13329 standard test, every 200 conversions a sandpaper; according to standard EN438, test paper once every 500 conversions. Even the same floor, EN438 measurable results to press EN13329 to test initial abrasion value was much higher. Manufacturer according to which standards do testing, which number is marked, consumers have no way to know, apparently, by looking at the label value is the wear resistance of the floor is not completely understood. Wear resistance of floor and floor dimensions smoothness has a lot to do, install, even if wear is high, paving the surface uneven, long, corners worn white can also occur at the connection, its wear resistance than good flatness, good pavement, wear-resistant speed low floor is bad. For the average family, wear revolution initial values (EN438) greater than 5500 RPM is enough, you do not need to touch also wear turns out we didn't need more money.


usually water swelling rate reflects the floor substrate we use waterproof performance, but in fact, the floor after accidentally absorbing water, people will find a way to let it dry, and then see if we can continue to use, so look after swelling after 24 hours to return to the floor level, this is an important indicator. Floor surface and balancing layers is waterproof, non-waterproof substrate section, said low water absorption on the surface of the floor is meaningless. Typically, floor touch water at the seams, seams well, well construction, water swelling phenomenon is accordingly of the floor will be greatly reduced. So, select low water absorption of the floor people-oriented thinking leads to psychological, not scientific consumption-oriented.


formaldehyde is an important index to measure the environmental performance of the floor, as long as the formaldehyde emission test index less than or equal to 9mg/100g, reach the highest environmental requirements in Europe, meet green building standards. Many manufacturers with formaldehyde emissions that matter now, in fact, home decoration, pollutants or toxic substance emissions and extensive use of   plate  , paint has a lot to do, in this case alone the formaldehyde emissions level of the floor of little significance.


all in all, the choice of flooring is a comprehensive process, standards for basic parameters, your floor should be a cost-effective evaluation, not listening partially paying unnecessary fees.

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