Epoxy flooring coating construction management and quality control
In today's increasingly strict environmental requirements, epoxy flooring product of choice has become the factory floor finishing, dust-proof, wear-resistant, resistant to pressure, impact resistance, anti-corrosion, anti-static excellent performance has been recognized by our customers. Good product requires a strict quality control process, epoxy floor also.

a quality epoxy floor works depends on the production, construction and use of common to check the quality of the three.

a production quality control, epoxy floor paint

Hi Goodlad ( when the floor paint production strictly in accordance with the formula accurate ratio, for each production processes are in accordance with the quality management system and the technical standards for strict control of the HG/T3829-2006 floor coatings, and records disclosure. Materials sold by providing detailed product specifications, including varieties of construction control of environmental conditions (ambient temperature), the thickness of the coating, coating paint interval time and coat maintenance to reach the requirements.  

Second, strict control of construction management

saying "three points material, seven points construction", in ring oxygen to ping construction process in the this is is important, strictly comply with process procedures, set process quality control points, to science of attitude focused on construction environment conditions, first construction surface processing must of rough degrees and the flat degrees, guarantee coating adhesion, grasp effect coating using life of grass-roots of surface processing, to meet supply and demand both of basic interests. Secondly, ensure the quality of coating film, produced in accordance with customer requirements from the model began, to the customer without reservation at the construction site construction coaching staff.

small model of making is engineering quality of miniature, through model of making can detection out civil early engineering on ground engineering of right sex, observation table views quality and the material of consumption volume; small model of making can reflect out a home construction enterprise of technology quality and competent ground engineering of capacity, confirmed paint products quality and material and construction process supporting of perfect sex; until big area coated loaded construction, through strictly of supervision next station supervision, established quality regulatory control points, directly tube control coated loaded of full process, Ensure the quality of coating engineering and quality management in the construction process of the initiative.

in construction of full in the, strictly according to SJT31469-2002 anti-electrostatic ground construction and the acceptance specification, and GB50212-2002 building anti-corrosion engineering construction and the acceptance specification, and GB50209-2002 building ground engineering construction quality acceptance specification, related specification construction, and on each road process by related standard organization strictly of internal acceptance (attached: ring oxygen to ping internal acceptance standard), internal acceptance qualified Hou, to delivered to customer hands, Greatest safeguard customers ' rights and interests. If the customer has special requirements, also be in the field at the same time make the same process model, to provide customers with relevant field test data, so that customers clearly the consumer.

third, professional quality guide customers active on the project quality control

on all customer for, "price" is most care of, however material price and engineering quality both not a must peer of value, the with independence, regardless of on domestic customer also is abroad customer Hi State de company will provides set of technology construction programme, real gives customer informed right, let customer in construction quality guarantee aspects variable passive for active, and construction party with on engineering quality for tube control.

to sum up, quality engineering quality requires strong technical force and many years of experience in the construction support, construction quality control to meet the customers ' expectations for the purpose.

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