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Bathroom renovation development
&Nbsp;       bathroom renovation is more and more innovative in Jinan, changed the usual monotonous feeling. Producers are also aware of this problem, beginning design novelty wares, many new products on the market this year. Consumers can see the strange shapes, angular tub  , shapes, amazing leader and styles more consistent with the aesthetics of the toilet. &Nbsp;

1. continues to favor minimalism

many designers implemented in Jinan's philosophy is to make it simple, simple convenience. This minimalist bandwagon just to cater to a lot of young people's psychological, and baths have become direct and "minimalist"-sink is no longer simply go in sense of luxury marble countertops; toilet no longer bulky and expensive; more and more rational consumer will not fail to take into account their toilet area, and to install the flamboyant big bathtub or shower room.

2. metal accessories coming

addition of metal accessories, bathroom to add a lot of cool. Metal-bathroom handles, metal towel bars, metal paper holder, metal SOAP dishes, Cup, a cotton swab box and the new copper-aluminum composite or aluminum radiator ... ... Details of these small changes can make bathroom a whole fashion and individuality.

3. intelligent product on stage

bring intelligent bathroom products, you must mention the faucet, faucet hot bathroom intelligent fired the first shot, follow the smart thermostat bath, smart pumping toilet.

4. bathroom new materials emerge

world of ceramic products is no longer unified in Jinan bathroom, stone, glass, wood and other materials are becoming alternatives to ceramic. Thus, glass basin favored by women; wooden tub let petty; popular glass mosaics in the bathroom.

5. focus on environmental health

health and water-saving bathroom revolution is a theme for many years. Often see in the building materials market, major brand making environmental slogan. From the bathtub to the toilet, urinal, various anti-bacterial pollution and water saving sites and places on technological change. Both function of anti-bacterial, water-saving bathroom products and will be even more remarkable.

This is where the bathroom renovation trends in Jinan, increasing demand for bathroom decoration is no exception.

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