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Hospital decoration design element
&Nbsp;        hospital in Jinan decorate when many designers don't know how to design, in fact, hospital design is very simple, not too many strict requirements, we at the outpatient Hall decoration design gives you a detailed analysis, hope you can help.

         when it comes to hospital outpatient service Hall decoration design, be sure to do this:

         in design of hospital and outpatient service Hall (information, registration, payments, medicine) is a relatively large space, should be a wide range of activities, in this area we must as far as possible in the design of the layout is reasonable, was organized by hospital staff and patients are able to conduct their own activities, keep the environment in order, This can cause many patients to hospitals first impressions to have a sense of trust, reached the waiting Department as soon as possible.

         outpatient Office should also have a pleasant waiting environment have good space guidance should be extensive use of simple, durable, high-grade materials, a large number of duplicate identification guide, electronic displays, public telephones, in-room facilities such as green, the higher the indoor illuminance.

         above is to introduce a few notes of the outpatient Hall decoration design, they can do so as a reference, design is not difficult, you designers as long as the decorated place in nature and designed to maximize the user's experience, this purpose of decoration, which is the most perfect design.

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