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TV background wall decoration designing of several elements
&Nbsp;       home decoration in Jinan, TV background wall is often used in the living room, bedroom. Background decorative design, will generally take into account the overall design, the owner's quality of life and combines video, audio and other habits for design and construction. The following experts to introduce in Jinan decorate walls construction should take into account the following factors:

        1. practical should be in place such as wall-hanging televisions, wall to allow location (with embedded pendant or strong grass-roots) and plenty of Sockets (initiative: buried a thick PVC pipe, All the wires through this tube to the bottom of the TV cabinet (DVD line, closed-circuit, VGA and other).

        2. the width of the bedroom area: the eye drive is 3.5 times of the size of the TV Times best of the TV, so do not do video wall is too thick, resulting in small bedroom.  

        3. couch's drive: after the sofa position, determine the position of television, from television sets to determine the size of moulding the wall moulding.  

        4. TV and ceiling light: TV wall with top local concert ceiling, generally have the lights on the ceiling, so consider the wall surface and the light echoes, but also to avoid glare TV to avoid eye fatigue when you watch.  

         Jinan renovation abnormal local experts remind: woodworking TV wall, note that air-conditioning outlet, do not turn on the air conditioner outlet seal together, taking into account the consumption convenience in the future.  

         style wall under construction, said the thickness of the tiles, skirting height into account, coordination of each model, if designed with baseboard, panels, gypsum board installation should say the tiles after construction to prevent moisture. Wall design may also be related to household Feng Shui word of fire, only the taking into account of the place, life will be better in the future!

         above is to introduce home improvement TV background wall decoration designing of several elements, you can on its own allows designers to design. Finally, the experts would like to wish everyone in Jinan decorate decoration smooth, family happiness.

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