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Office renovation several popular styles
&Nbsp;    Office decor choices is very important in Jinan, Jinan decorate experts said, according to the different industry, customers, and business partners need to build impressions of different, there are several popular styles:

     first: stable condensed type. Old large foreign trade group like to choose this style of decoration, so that customers and business partners to build confidence. From the decoration features point of view, is less choice of color, the shape is conservative, boxy, materials research, emphasizes noble temperament and respect for authority.

     second: modern style of decoration. Generally applicable to SMEs. Jinan decorate experts when it comes to this kind of decoration styles smooth, make extensive use of the line, like every corner decorated with plants, through the effects of light and shade, making changes in a smaller space, line and light changes between spiritual impact.

     third: new new types of décor. Eclectic, extensive use of geometric pattern as a design element, brightness contrast, extensive use of new materials. Apply to the new computer and information industries, the media industry. Strong decorative effects, new products and features and atmosphere of innovation and technology of the company at a glance.

     fourth kind: creative décor. For arts, crafts, brand companies. Modeling simple, simple materials, emphasizing original features and try not to repeat, in style is unique.

     fifth: simple décor. Simple decoration and ornamentation, emphasizing practical, less decoration and individuality. Generally applicable to small companies and offices.

     above is to introduce 5 more popular Jinan Office décor, you can choose, if you have any additional questions in the renovation process, consult experts in Jinan decorate our Web site, we will try our best to service for you.

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