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Home decoration Feng Shui layout elements
&Nbsp;      in Jinan decorate the Feng Shui is not made and the importance of the event, whether it is Office, or at home, many people in the decoration of special care at all times the influence of Feng Shui. Decoration Feng Shui in fact in many ways is scientific truth, Jinan decoration companies introduce home Feng Shui designer for us that a few key points.

        , rent, or living in a slum in the fathers House to transfer in, first of all to make a completely new renovated old house transformed, even simple paint, is also essential. Especially people used stove, bed, doors must be replaced as soon as possible. New cosmetic, is a makeover.

Second, the home must be angry against the dead, this is the source of bad luck. Lifeless House, family always suppressed, depressed. Learning will affect all things bad. Initiative planting Evergreen plants more vivid, or raising a pet class, such as dogs and cats, which would be left out of the original poor atmosphere slowly improving, reaching prosperous feel.

      three, home furnishings should try to add whatever "valuables" decorations to add housing to the "gentry". To get suppressed "poverty's bad luck", such as furnishings micro "classic car" models, or ceramic vase, decorated with the layout of the House.

four, paintings are also a good way to change bad luck, but the selection must be sophisticated. Jinan decorate company's designers remind you'd better choose some exuberant vitality of moonrise, peonies in full bloom-type pictures. Some sad pictures, such as the lakeshore of Liu Ying's class let a person see no physical picture must be removed.

Wu, adhere to the inside and outside of the house cleaning, a uniform and clean house, people think it will be positive. Some early should be abandoned and pushed reluctant to discard accumulated dilapidated and must be liquidated in a timely manner. The saying goes: "old doesn't go, new or not. "Give up some chicken items, reinventing the new housing climate.

six, the desk must be placed as far as possible can see the vision of the window kept on working time horizons, have contributed to the cause of a great future. Up first must see something dynamic, such as the towering new buildings or leaves in the distance.

seven, stood on the balcony of that compared with the adjacent floor space, you can experience feelings of isolation, affect the absorption of career luck. Just as well placed in the corner of the balcony as long as bird decoration of the cupola of the potential to create a "chicken flying out of Phoenix" togetherness.

         above is a decoration company in Jinan designers to introduce some elements of Feng Shui home decoration, we can according to their own terms of reference, if there's anything about Feng Shui decoration does not understand the problem, you can consult our staff on the website, we will be true to you.

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