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Enhancing the quality of Jinan school decoration elements
&Nbsp;      decoration of any site in Jinan, have a deeper meaning and heritage, to reflect the level of decoration and grades. And especially for the educational space of Interior design, but we use culture to enrich, to enhance the overall quality of our school renovation, high quality decoration, decoration company in Jinan staff below for all details about it.

         first of all, we want to establish the school idea

         school is a reflection of social values in schools, is a concentrated expression of the spiritual culture, is the core of the school. Only the school's founding philosophy, designers and decoration company is possible on this basis, to derivatives and introduce an appropriate culture, into all aspects of decoration and the corner of the school to make a blank space to the fullest, more plentiful and vivid, more profound connotation and nothing can shake the cornerstone.

         second, we're going to school, in the practical implementation of school design, offer a suitable environment.

         all members of the school culture is recognized and followed the group values and code of conduct. Therefore, in the decoration of the school culture construction, we must adhere to the "people-oriented" principle, whether the work environment or the living facilities should embody humanism, in line with the customized requirements.

         trying to do school decoration, beautifying campus environment. In terms of decoration of the school environment, we strive for "greening, landscaping, children, education, features". We want to plan the school environment as a whole, well-designed school in every corner, reflecting the "Director of education" concept, talking every wall, every space reflects the rich cultural atmosphere for teachers to create a positive, harmonious atmosphere, give children healthy and happy environment in which to grow.

        "no rules, no standards." We would also like to create a cultural environment of the school system. System, school management, system and modes of condensation forms, reflects the development level of the school. System for teachers of values, code of conduct play a decisive role in the formation. "People-oriented" system culture in the development and implementation system to embody human values.

         Jinan decoration company staff for our introduction above, we should understand that good school design, is inseparable from cultural shadow all the time. We want to really do carry out decoration culture always, let cultural filled every corner of the school.

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