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Building materials selection of tiles
&Nbsp;       decoration building materials industry in Jinan, floor tiles is the preferred natural, it can give you not only the pursuit of personalized decoration, can also greatly improve the quality of home decoration. Then do you know how to select ceramic tile when decorating, Jinan decorating expert for everybody from several aspects of the network analysis method of distinguish of ceramic tiles.


glaze surface should be smooth and delicate; shiny surface should be sparkling and bright, dull surface should be soft and comfortable.


put together pieces of ceramic tiles, light look, good product color is very small, tone is consistent between products and larger products with poor color, tonal shades between products.


caliper measurements available. Good product specifications low errors, after laying, product uniformity, the brick straight, good decorative effect. Poor product specification deviations and product sizes.


available direct observation with the naked eye. Request products face flat, small deformation, easy construction and paving brick surface smooth and beautiful after.


color patterns to delicate, crisp, no visible defects such as missing colors, break, dislocation.


outer wall of the tone should be harmonized with the surrounding environment, high-rise buildings should not use white or light colored wall decoration brick building in order to avoid the lack of texture; in interior decoration, floor tiles and wall tiles in shades to match.

in addition, there are bathroom accessory tiles and durability of ceramic tiles and non-slip tiles, at the time of purchase, should also be careful.

bathroom accessory with sanitary ware, wall and floor tiles and a variety of accessories including hardware quality, grade and other supporting material should be coordinated; after the durability of ceramic brick paving, long time no cracks, no distortion, no suction. You can use the following simple method: ink drops in behind the product, see if ink is automatically dispersed.

in General, the ink spread slower, less water absorption, excellent internal quality, product durability better otherwise worse product durability; non-slip ceramic tiles of skid resistance is important. In the bathroom and kitchen, bath places should be selected for their non-slip features of ceramic tiles.

         selected the tiles can not only beautify the room decoration, will not cause trouble. Selected is not good, also removed the second decoration. Jinan decorate network experts warn you when choosing ceramic tile must pay attention to the aspects described above, finally wish you decorate the smooth and family happiness.

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