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Decoration industry management system

         radius of no rules, Jinan renovation industry like this, in the decoration if not cash-management system, your decoration will be a problem, then what kind of management system should be set up, the following experts in Jinan decorate give us details.

        , construction site foreman discretionary advisers designated by the decoration company, all the site foreman and manpower arrangement, sometimes need to talk directly with the foreman I,  be allowed to act.  

         b, foreman has questions feel free to guests, corporate counsel, questionable looking for company personnel. Construction workers should be subject to the consultant, maintaining the company's image, wearing uniform company and Manpower, to wear badges, distinguished guests cannot conflict with the guest, aggravating immediately delisted. Meet visitors warmly received in a timely manner, leading the tour, without resistance.

         third, the site construction shall consciously abide by the construction technology practice, must not be allowed to cut corners to happen, once discovered, immediately removed.

         four, prior to detailed disclosure, construction foreman, guests and decoration project staff, renovation process mutual supervision, problem corrected. In the course of the project, decoration company inspection time to review sites, find the problem alerted the project Department, found the false claim and skimming problems, serious finishing strongly.  

         five, focusing on protection of the finished and semi-finished products, no stacking, stacking, are not allowed to place any item, if necessary, to be used to cover programmes such as encapsulation, preventing their destruction and damage, damage as the party needs price compensation and deduction of salary that day.

         six, keeping the construction site of a sanitary environment, daily cleaning, garbage bags. Construction site ban on cooking, cleaning, are not allowed to stay on site; go to property specifies the location, are not allowed to consume the guests ware and everything. Offenders be given a heavier punishment.

         seven, the construction site banned smoking, drinking, fighting, talk dirty, if there is a violation, a fine of 50-200 Yuan. If visitors, staff, guests smoke in the field, staff members have an obligation to stop, construction site found the cigarette butts, present effects of staff salary deducted the same day.

         BA, comply with the relevant site consultants provides that exceptions are security advisory provisions of the property, and route modification requirements.

        , material to a tidy, rational use, fake and shoddy materials to the construction site is strictly prohibited, and must consume materials distribution company and Manpower, materials, tools, junk, semi-finished product should be kept classified, place LOGO. LOGO license is lost, damage to the project in a timely manner to receive.

         10, pay attention to security, fire safety, guests purchased materials, foreman has an obligation to keep, in case of damage according to the price you want compensation. Work conveniently switching, while power and water, to keep them safe.

         11, Qiu JI law-abiding, not involved in the dispute in the world, not much ado about nothing, no unauthorized persons staying at the site.

         12, maintaining the company's image, improving the moral cultivation of polite, if received by guests will be awarded.

         13, all site construction staff must strictly comply with the provisions, must be put up at the construction site.

         decoration is not only renovated the House, or for decoration company, the repair of a performance opportunity. If there are no such provisions, rules, how to ensure the quality of the decoration. So we must know and understand these management systems.

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